Sunday, February 04, 2007

heir to the throne.
//david mcnayr

David, young shepherd
Away from his flock

Stands facing the giant,
That demoralizing philistine,
That primitive beast, bred to
Crush under toes and heel.
Hairy thunderous thighs,
A thick shrubby nest
Of a beard, goat leg bones
Caught in his mustache
Stored to dry and whittle,
To pick the blood sausage
From in between boulder molars.

Large stone towers,
Smooth white alabaster
With beacons of flame
And gold-leaf’d domes.
Paper-pushing clerks
Under councilmen
Under governors,
Officers and advisors,
Under princes, and
Under king and queen,
The giant is sworn to
Defend all that one can see,
Civility and decency.

The stone tower crumbles under
One smooth, well-aimed pebble.


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