Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Step 1) to lucid dreams. a dream journal.

here she comes. Week 1) Set 20-27

Sept 20: Dream 1) India. We are all loading in the van to leave. Sudhadnshu is driving the other 4 of us, are in the back and passenger seat. Ashley wants to go say goodbye to Saroj and this really large woman, Sarita, who is apparantly Ruchi and the groom's mother.I go out to hug Sarita. We kiss each other on each cheek. And things start to get emotional. I think I hear her say I love you, but then I definitely hear her say "I like you. I don't want you to leave, but I want to make sure you're a likely presidential candidate." We continue hugging. I look up over her shoulder and Bill Murray is standing right there. I think: is he considering me right now for role because of how emotional this is getting? Sarita picks me up off the ground and begins to lug me back to the van. I look back once more to Bill Murray, who has the same wondering look on his face, and then I look down at this young Asian girl in a cute black dress, and then up at the van, which has moved over on the grass a little. We get back, and Mohit is in the car. He starts laughing. DREAM END.

Sept 21: Dream 1) In Minnesota with my dad, wandering about this giant fountain that tails off in paths, each going to one different city. My dad's older sister was found in a cave near one of these fountains, and there was this old man wearing glasses who lives outside. We were giving him a wheelchair and then it was too big and it kept falling over, he kept landing flat on the ground and getting angry. My dad and I were headed to the fountain to navigate to another city to find him a better wheelchair, but it started raining and lightning. So I ran home to my apartment, and by the time I got back it was stopped, and everyone poured out into the street. This big party of British old people, who were all drinking beer, cautioned us to watch out as they backed their car from the driveway to the street, cuz they might be a little drunk. All these people, who were all eating something, turned into a line to get into this huge school, which was somehow also Ateaseweb. The way to get in was to pay the guards, which was like a ruling gang of badass kids, pay these punks some of your food. Apparently they like dishing out insults, but I stood my own ground and they let me in. my whole family was watching me trying to get in, and my sister and i looked beyond the entrance to this huge CGI wicker man sort of structure, and we got extremely excited like it was a lot bigger and different than the last time i was there. inside this school, every was digitized like a cartoon black and white drawing sitting at a table. it was like a library. as i walked in, i started to feel really weightless and happy, so i started dancing around the entire place. i thought "it's like a new year, i can sit with anyone and make new friends". this girl Leigh from my college picked up a big armchair and rushed to a computer to get it before anyone else. this place which was atease quickly turned into it being my school, and my friends carolyn and rachel and ashley all come out in their digital form, saying that we look good like cartoons. ashley says "no, i look really bad. look, i'm wearing all denim." i kind of snicker, because it's true. she does look really bad in all denim. DREAM END

in this dream, i remember the digital wicker man being different at another point, maybe tonite or maybe yesterday night (sept 20). also, i remember at the end wondering if this were a dream, and i think that's how i woke myself up at 5:30 in the morning to write all this. I also had a second dream i remembered when i woke up again at 10, but i forgot to write it down. now i have no clue.

Sept 22:
Dream 1)We were in an orchestral hall listening to some piece by Shostakovich. I was there with Chang and Carolyn and maybe Carolyn's dad and bf. I think I was there with Chang because he was teaching another Hacking/Bending class and we were doing some project for this orchestra hall. But Cathy Crane was in this orchestra as well. As the piece was playing I was getting into it, like hands and arms and everything. And someone yelled at me twice to stop conducting. After the piece was over, Carolyn and her boyfriend ran up to the second floor. You could here her giggling and squealing the whole way up. Then you could see them up in the top window start to make out real intensely. Carolyn's dad went to tell them they were very visible. And Chang said we could make a button on a remote that would close all the blind on these windows at once. I thought it was a good idea DREAM END

Sept 23/24: no new dreams


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