Friday, October 27, 2006

Rachel's Birthday.

pounding on the windows.
los angeles.

asking me
i dont care golddigger.
get down.

it's been 18 years.
what happened 18 years ago?
rachel turned 2!
how many times to be reminded.

aint seeing like i used to.
i aint quite seeing like i used to.
white white white white white money.

1985. 1986. 1983. 1984?

holding hands under the table.
i shouldn't be embarrassed.
don't be surprised if i cry tonite.

merry, don't be crzy?
it's normal to be crzy.
touch me in my face.

if it's embarrassing
something bads gonna happen.

nothing happened.
but it felt warm.

but it felt warm.

ring the doorbell.

drink and dance more, ashley.
i finish things i start.
oh fine.
oh fine.
at least we'll have enough power.

a video with a greenbelt.

oh man.
please dont talk about greenscreens.
he's here? vince grows here.
vince grows in greenscreens.

is vince portable?
if they don't dance,
then they're no friends of mine.


everyone looks.
everyone looks at their pillows?
everyone looks.
everyone looks at their sheet?
everyone looks.

don't show off.
oh dammit.

i should hang out in bedrooms more often.

how can you be bored with a house?
can you be bored with a house?
when will this house get boring?

is the 80s about finding what is and what isn't boring?
we're a generation trying to make an excuse for the 80s.

Steve Jobs knows how to say "FUCK"
Bill Gates sort of doesn't anymore.

he's mr. bill gates. "i used to be be be whisky and high fives."

stay away from me.
lets exit socially.

but we barely crossed paths.

where did this sexuality come from?
please get it all out of their bodies.
i'm not a busy network.

the british prison turned
into an american party.
welcome to the mexican.


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