Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Becoming a Vegetarian.

didn't you feel it
the last time?
and didn't you
shake your sorry face?

didn't you feel anything
other than curiosity?
any ounce of emotional

today i started
not eating meat.

and i learned that
my former self was
the type to walk into a room,
talk senselessly about obscurity,
and leave without making eye
contact with anyone.
except that hopeless mirror.

he started to waste away
when he stopped using his phone.
well, people truly stopped calling him.
and that's what did him in.

i never got
to know her.
not like i wantd to.
not like i imagined she
would want someone to.

this is a good
place to start.

you used to help
victims. you used to
identify with them.
with anyone really,
because you sensed
a humanity in every eye.

but now, i can't help
but feel the deluge
of dusty bodies,
foggy souls, steamy breath
that could carry any word,
but only carries posture,
and insincerity.

and he,
he'll just be
out on the porch
for my whole life.
i hope he likes weather.

and she.
what is she so afraid of?

you bought a few things
and only savored the change,
the spare dollars and coins
carrying hundreds of fingerprints.
that's the closest you'll ever get to
those people.

and i drew the perfect circle
with my eyes half-closed.
and swallowed it
before anyone could catch a glimpse.

he stopped to
mark the sidewalk.
she eyed him
too curiously.


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