Saturday, March 25, 2006

the american accident.

cultivated individualistic.
skintight voracity
as dairy cattle
as the National Guard Mormons.

shakedown! overboard!
sonic boom nuclear family
with minimum public television.

rag doll rugby, undertaker.
minimum wage demotion.
botanical trickery.

eastbound as a concussion,
masculine retail-colored
self-absorbed vasectomy skit.

jackknife dreary charter members,
city hall sound bite:
drug addiction decline.

rapport degradation
and inquiry tone-deaf.

yardstick about.
Sunday school: a self-evident
hit-or-miss steamroll,
keyhole liar, stride Highness.

duct and internal blown
broad-minded mixed marriage.
blur espouse: puppy love.

napalm mass with helplessness
depraved to extermination,
deign to the workstations.

second-rate HIV incubation
bloodthirsty gangster rubella
the pulse, an incurable allowance.

financial as Star-Spangled Banner.
tenancy fifteenth crusader,
stifling brute, spaced out gringo.

a learned United Kingdom,
genteel sedation, sedentary.
fortune kickoff cruise control.


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