Monday, July 24, 2006


trout swimming up the river
dive deeper to the sunken
wreckage of dogs on the sandy floor.
silted incisors merged into the
river bed, the plaqued fibers of
decayed avian muscles,
digested fetal egg yolks.
in the caged security of ribs,
trout to make home.

trout swimming up the river
manuever to the surface,
to the lather of splashing,
launched into a frenzied
insect, gliding arachnid
feast on the edge of
asphyxiation. food, drink-breath
and orgiastic, wild-hearted breeding.
trout to make a mate.

trout swimming up the river
stay close under cover,
swollen with eggsacs and
a primal maternal ferocity.
Predatory teeth are longer,
sharper with a pregnant diagnosis.
flotsam as camouflage, drift
and pray for the second hour.
trout to make child.

trout swimming up the river
are peaked to attention, a glint
and a winged, hairy silhoutte
against solar refractions.
hypnotic, the rhythmic beckonings,
the pulsing bobs, the tantalizing
shape: signifying a promised taste.
beyond dream a rush to the bait,
and a steely punctured finish
through the lip
trout to make a meal.


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