Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"L.S.D. : then and now"
//david mcnayr

Los Angeles.
San Francisco and
Diego. 1968-1972.

Then: sitting on the dock
a spineful of acid causing
him to stutter and bite
the already beat up nubs
of his fingernails
his cuticles crusty
like the scabs of salt
lined up along the tide
precipitated from an
unrelenting sea of
violence to prevent
violence to prevent

Lecturer with tenure.
State College in
Delaware. 1986-present.

Now: defeated and numb
after a day of bitter
ramblings to stoned youngsters
he goes back home
runs a fresh hot bath
soaks his body
staring at the ceiling
where the mildew resembles
a retro flower print
and the appetizing mustard color
catalyzes a flashback from
a state-sponsored outlet to prevent
radical dock-sitting idealism to prevent
violence to prevent violence to prevent...


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