Monday, November 07, 2005

Chapter One: i slippd.

it's dry.
there's a little water, but only in the middle,
you're going to have to break through a lot to get there
(we're still surveying new layers continually).

please don't get there.
it'll only pain your spoon and my body.
meyesawn. my eyes do yawn.
and my mouth blinks. 'mouthlinks.
(that's all you really need to know about me)

there's always a more polite way to say something.
you can always bend over the upside.
and nauseate over the downs.
and especially blear and whinge over them
(when master's not tuned in).

you can manipulate your center of gravity:
1) jump and
2) oops, my foot missed the railing
three options:
3) i'm feeling it: shavings of pavement in my warmblooded opinion.
3) thank Goodness, for these denims. these leathers. cowskin to save my blood from spilling (only bruising).
3) but what? i never came down.

no, i nver nver came down.
in an frenetic opaque bloodrush
i transcended my skull against steel.
my skull did not escape its sentence, no.
nope, but i sure did. otherwise, i couldn't be telling you this.
it was mere calcium. and the rest was living.
if dropped, a limestone, a shale would have won the same.
dandruff dust and brain encrusted, i escaped before that happened.

but how?


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